Valley of the Sun


Last week I went to spend a few days in Mesa with my mom.  The desert landscape and the history of the people who inhabited and survived there is so intriguing to me.  The heat was a nice escape from rainy and wet Seattle, and it was almost 40 degrees warmer down there then the Pacific Northwest! It’s a drastic change but to feel that sun hit your skin and soak in is a beautiful thing.

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Surf’s up in Kona


Hawaii. My winter escape to sunshine and marine life. For me, it doesn’t matter that every year I go to the same place with my family. We stay in the same condo complex and see the same friends and this is perfectly fine with me. I am baking in the sunshine while the dolphins spin by and the whales spout along the coast. This is the epitome of a mental reset for me.

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Valentine’s Night Out

Oh Valentine’s Day. We keep it somewhat casual in this household & don’t get drawn into all the holiday hype. Usually Ryan & I celebrate the day before and go out because it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without a reservation in Bellevue or Seattle. So technically we’ve already celebrated this year & went out yesterday to our favorite ramen place in Bellevue. Unless we’re going somewhere fancy I keep it pretty casual & chic with some element of funkiness. I always like to have an accessory that stands out & makes an outfit fun.

Check out some of my essentials for going out below.

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